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    to the support team

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    the results

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Twintwoo Chatbots Are Smart Automated Assistants

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Personal chatbots

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links to social media pages, and a call
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Over a dozen ready templates

Start With a Ready Template Of a Business Chatbot

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Loan Applications

  • Learns how much money is needed and for how long
  • Asks questions about applicant's job and income
  • Assembles a loan application

Quiz mini-site


Selection of a psychologist

  • Clarifies all the necessary information about the patient
  • Suggest psychotherapists as requested
  • Will provide a discount for a consultation
  • Make an appointment with the client and clarify contacts

Quiz by link


Online earnings information product

  • Ask questions about current employment, wishes for the field of work and income level
  • Specify your preferred contact method
  • Collect contact information and transfer data in a format convenient for you (e-mail, Google sheets, Telegram, CRM)

Or Create Your Own Chatbot From a Visual Kit

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Can't Find the Solution That's Right For You?

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Can't find the right solution? Get in touch with our Support team, and we'll be happy to help

The Chatbot Easily Integrates With Your Favorite Services

AmoCRM, Bitrix24, Zapier, Telegram, MailChimp, WebHook, delivery of data to your email, and much more

AmoCRM, Bitrix

Send logs of conversations with clients to your Sales in a familiar format


Add clients to your mailing lists on Mailchimp


Automate operations using advanced integrations with 1,000 services


Receive bot-client conversations in Telegram in real time

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Direct ad traffic to chatbots and collect requests with higher conversion rate. Quickly discover the best configurations by integrating chatbots with different traffic channels.


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Twintwoo Knows
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Most companies underutilize their most valuable resource – their client base. We want to change that because we see it as a database of social media subscribers.

Our mission is to help you establish communications with your client base.

Engage with your clients: share your news, organize polls, educate them. Engaging communications in a friendly style will benefit your database and lead to new sales, guaranteed.

Most companies underutilize their most valuable resource – their client base. We want to change that because we see it as a database of social media subscribers.
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Twintwoo Chatbot Reviews

Mikhail Gologan
Project manager at and

TwinTwoo are a team of professionals who know their stuff on a totally God-like level. Their chatbots can really do complicated stuff, and if you worry that you won't be able to set one up in the right way, their Support Team will create it for you. And the chatbot will run split tests, up your conversion, offer its own solutions for the tasks at hand, and solve them. Just one Twintwoo chatbot is enough to run all of CreditHub services – and that's just incredible!

Denis Kolesnik
& boxing coach

'You want contests? You got them!' New and original, exciting and unusual Instagram contests from Twintwoo team. The guys helped me run a chatbot contest on my Instagram page with cool headphones as a prize – and the results were outstanding: increased engagement and new subscribers. And they have plenty of new ideas coming! Grow your personal brand with a team of professionals!

Ivan Vasilchuk
Head of
a marketing agency

TwinTwoo chatbots are a godsend! We upped the conversion on client projects by 150% – and that's just the beginning! Now, we are going to test and finetune the bots! Big thanks to the Support team for their always-prompt responses and invaluable assistance in bot creation.

Oleg Shestakov
Founder and CEO
at Rush Agency is an excellent product. I use the service to communicate with my subscribers on YouTube and Instagram. The chatbot automatically sends them tailored content in response to their questions. This saves me more than 8 hours a week! chatbots also helped clients of our Rush Agency to up their conversion by over 50%. I would heartily recommend this tool to every marketing professional because you don't need any coding skills to create a really awesome chatbot.

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