About us

Twintwoo bots are intelligent automated assistants in the form of chat bots.

In the coming years, artificial intelligence technologies will be introduced into Twintwoo bots. Bots will be able to synthesize and analyze speech and video data and communicate by phone, will be embedded in mobile applications, and will be able to integrate into smart home systems and cars.

We have effectively applied the chatbot technology to the tasks that are solved by quizzes, landing pages and widgets that are integrated into the site. This allows you to carry out high-quality primary processing of clients and makes it possible to increase the conversion from advertising traffic and traffic on the site several times.


Our mission is a new world where everyone can create a highly intelligent automatic assistant, which, thanks to artificial intelligence technologies, will be able to unload humanity from routine tasks and automate many business processes.


Our team has been developing and applying in practice automated solutions in the field of marketing and lead generation for more than 10 years.